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We are proud to say that our passion for creating films has resulted in numerous successful short films, which have received recognition and awards at various international film festivals and competitions. 


We have been working for a long time on our short film NOXA, which was completed at the beginning of the summer of 2021

Script & directed by: Hooman Sadeghloo

DOP: Kim Nehzaty

Exceutive Producer: Olivia Nordlander


"When a doctor finally catches a breath after her loving daughters long cancer treatment finally is over, a pandemic strikes and she faces increasing pressure from her management and forced to make the toughest decisions in her life." The short film NOXA was screened at 14 different festivals around the world and received various awards


Noxa Trailer

"Touch of the Sound" is a moving film about Thea, an eight-year-old girl who struggles to get her musical father to forgive her deaf sister, Linnéa, nine years after their mother's tragic death.


Directed and written by Hooman Sadeghloo, who himself grew up with two deaf brothers and wanted to show how as a child you can grow up and communicate with the outside world regardless of whether you are deaf or not. The film explores themes of forgiveness and reconciliation, while highlighting the importance of music and sound in our communication with each other.


Join Thea and her family on an emotional journey as they try to find a path to reconciliation and restoration of relationships that were once broken.


The short film Touch of the Sound was screened in 14 different festivals around the world and received various awards, including Best Child Actor, Best Short Film, Best Critic Film and Best Director.

Awards and selections
FESTIVALER 2022_11.jpg

The Freedom that is about forbidden love between a young
unaccompanied young girl and her love for the daughter of the
family she lives with.The father in the family finally finds out about their forbidden love and also that she is older than she claimed. The Swedish Migration Board is connected and Maryam is sentenced to expulsion with immediate effect. Will Maryam's love for her daughter in the family last? It remains to be seen.

The short film Freedom was screened at 5 different festivals around the world and received various awards.

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